Proven Survey Research Process Basics

What is the key to data accuracy? How does one procure actionable data? The answer is using a proven process consistently. Here are the basics you need for your next survey research project:

1. Establish Objectives

Before writing a questionnaire, establish clear research objectives and goals. You can achieve more usable and actionable data with a plan.

2. Design Questionnaire

A questionnaire draft should be made before online programming to ensure all objectives are covered. Include question numbering and response numbering for all questions. i.e. Yes=1; 2= No.

3. Program Questionnaire

Program questionnaire only after draft is finalized and test, test test! Go through your survey program page by page with your questionnaire draft to test. Editing a questionnaire while it is “live” opens the door for inaccuracy.

4. Launch

After testing, launch your survey. Be sure to have a survey close date and communicate that to respondents.

5. Post Collection Quality Check

Before analyzing responses, check data for respondent error, open-ended question quality.

6. Analyze & Report

Look at total and cross-referenced percentages. Use visualizations to communicate data to others, and then summarize all findings.